FIFA wants World Cup every 3 years, 100 minutes for 1 match

According to The Sun, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is planning to hold the World Cup every three years.


President Gianni Infantino admits his plan to hold the World Cup every 2 years has failed and he has an alternative.

Accordingly, the FIFA president is looking to organize the biggest tournament in the world every 3 years

President of FIFA – Gianni Infantino

According to Infantino’s latest plan details, the first year of the plan will be the expanded 24-team FIFA Club World Cup.

By the summer of the second year there will be continental championships, such as the EURO and the Copa América. And the 3rd year will be the World Cup Finals.

Infantino spoke about the idea at a meeting last week with FIFA’s 211 member national associations in Doha, Qatar. “We have to do something.”

The FIFA president knows there will be backlash: “We can vote and get a majority. Get ready for another big fight.”

100 minutes permatch in the 2022 World Cup


Previously, according to Corriere dello Sport, FIFA also had another “crazy” idea when increasing the time per match from 90 minutes to 100 minutes in all matches at the 2022 World Cup.

The reason is that the matches are often interrupted by situations where the ball is not in the field. According to research by CIES (The International Center for Sports Studies), the time the ball rolls on the field is only about 64.7% in Champions League matches and 62% in the Premier League.

English Football League Championship has the lowest percentage of rolling balls with only 57.2%. Therefore, FIFA wants to improve this situation by increasing the match time.

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