Facebook has a TikTok now

Facebook and Instagram have just created accounts on TikTok last week. The account of Facebook has nearly 30 000 followers. 

Facebook has a TikTok now

Interestingly, the new account of Instagram on TikTok has videos teaching people how to use Reels – the platform has the same functionality as TikTok.

Despite Facebook‘s account is not having posted any public videos. The account is verified by TikTok (a blue checkmark) and Facebook also confirmed it’s legit. That account has an odd bio — “We believe people can do more together, than alone.” 

Facebook has a TikTok now
Facebook’s account on TikTok

TikTok is not the first rival social media platform Facebook has joined. Meta (Facebook’s parent company) also has a Twitter account, but it’s already in an archived state. Similarly, Google also has an account on TwitterTikTok too owns accounts on Instagram and Facebook with many followers. 

Facebook and Instagram joined TikTok just days after Meta took its TikTok rival Reels global, incidentally. Instagram Reels is now available in 150 countries and territories. Meta also announced new monetizable features for advertisers on the new platform. 

Facebook has a TikTok now
TikTok’s account on Facebook

Facebook does acknowledge TikTok as its big competition. Mark Zuckerberg termed “TikTok as a formidable competitor”

At the same time, the CEO of Meta also said that Reels has become the fastest-growing content format of his companyReels was first released in 2020 as a way to take on TikTok as a feature inside the Instagram app. However, Facebook soon realized its potential and has made a huge investment in the new platform. Users now can use Reels inside the Facebook app, without creating an Instagram account. 

Facebook has a TikTok now
Instagram teaches users how to use Reels on TikTok

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