EU buys Russian gas in rubles

The European Commission (EC) has just announced that it will allow businesses of the European Union (EU) to buy Russian gas in rubles (RUB).

Russian gas

According to the EC’s instructions to EU member states, the purchase of gas by Russian rubles (RUB) is not covered by EU sanctions against Moscow.

Last month Russia issued a decree requiring European countries when buying Russian energy to open an account at Gazprombank, payments are made in rubles.

The European Union depends almost 50% on Russian gas so many countries do not agree with the sanctions against Russia in the energy sector, for example Hungary, Germany. Austria’s Foreign Minister Magnus Brunner said his country would not support a ban on Russian gas imports because it would hurt Austria more than Russia.

Russian gas
“Sanctions Russia, Austria will be harmful” – Austria’s Foreign Minister Magnus Brunner said.

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