Elon Musk wants to meet a man who looks 100% like him, unban Japanese AV Idols on Twitter

Elon Musk – the new owner of Twitter, wants to meet Yi Long Ma – a man who looks like him in face and appearance in China. Musk also unbanned Japanese AV Idols on Twitter.

Japanese AV Idols
Elon Musk (real) on the left and Elon Musk (fake) on the right

China has demonstrated its ingenious copying with an up-and-coming figure on social media. This man has the same face and appearance as Elon Musk. His name is Yi Long Ma (pronounced after Elon Musk in Chinese).

Elon Musk’s clone is a TikToker with millions of views thanks to his look like the billionaire.

Elon Musk has posted on Twitter his wish to meet his clone Yi Long Ma.

Japanese AV Idols

Netizens were so amused by this, they even joked that they might be real cousins.

Removed Japanese AV Idols ban on Twitter, Elon Musk received thanks

On April 6, a series of beautiful JAV actresses were simultaneously blocked on Twitter accounts for unknown reasons. Many users fear that Twitter will issue a ban on pornographic content like Tumblr did in the past.

But just a few days after billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter, the accounts of these JAV actresses were unlocked and working normally. The actresses were extremely happy to tweet to announce the good news to fans.

25-year-old JAV actress Nanami Misaki, tweeted thanks for Elon Musk’s concern.

Japanese AV Idols

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