Durian without thorns – What will it taste like?

Durian is not a strange fruit in a country in Southeast Asia like Vietnam. They are also known as the ‘king of fruits’ for people living in Southeast Asia.

Durian without thorns - What will it taste like?
Whether you can eat this very strong-smelling fruit or not, it is probably well known that durian fruit has very sharp and hard spines. However, even an avid durian may not have known about the thornless durian below.

Durian without thorns is a durian species successfully bred by scientists of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture after 12 years of persistent efforts, instead of having a sharp and hard layer, as usual, this type of durian has a similar appearance. Fruit… more melon with smooth skin surface!

The skin of this durian species is thinner than common durian species and they have a sweeter taste. From there, it allows the eater to easily separate the peel without being pricked like other durian species.

The project to create thornless durian began in 2007 in the village of Trenggaluh near Mount Rinjani in Indonesia, but it took more than a decade for the team to successfully produce this strange fruit.

This fruit tastes similar to the common durian species and is even sweeter, offering high potential for competition, but the biggest challenge is mass propagation.

According to the head of the research team, Mr. Maisin, they had to choose 23,000 seeds, and only 2% of the seeds germinated and developed well. They called this plant Gundul durian.

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