Đỗ Phương Oanh is dating a rich man who has a wife, although she claims to be afraid of the rich. The rich man is not divorced

Vietnamese actress Đỗ Phương Oanh was involved in a serious scandal when she is dating a famous tycoon who has a wife. Netizens are angry not only because she ruined the happiness of other people’s families but also because of her previous statement “I’m afraid of the rich”.

Biography of Đỗ Phương Oanh and Shark Nguyễn Hòa Bình

Đỗ Phương Oanh Do Phuong Oanh is dating a rich man Shark Binh

Đỗ Phương Oanh (Do Phuong Oanh) (born in 1989) is a famous actress in Vietnam, she was born in Ha Nam province (Northern Vietnam). On social networks, she is often called with the nickname “Quynh Doll” because of her role named Quynh in the movie “Quynh doll”. The film brought her to the pinnacle of her acting career.

In an interview about the movie “Quynh Doll”, Đỗ Phương Oanh shared:

“I used to love many rich people. However, my property is self-made. I am very afraid of men, especially very afraid of rich people. I am very shy and afraid of rich men. I do not choose the rich to love. 99% of men cheat on their women”.

“Those who destroy the happiness of other people’s families are always despised.” Đỗ Phương Oanh talks more about adultery and girls flirting with married men.

Shark Binh full name is Nguyen Hoa Binh (born in 1981) is a famous tycoon in Vietnam with regular appearances on television in the game show “Shark Tank Vietnam” specializing in raising capital for startups. He is the chairman of NEXTTECH GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY – a large corporation in Vietnam.

Đỗ Phương Oanh Do Phuong Oanh is dating a rich man Shark Binh

Do Phuong Oanh is dating tycoon Shark Binh

Today, August 26, Vietnamese social networks spread the images of businessman Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh (Shark Binh) very intimate with the actress Phuong Oanh. Two people hugging at the airport, having dinner together in Moscow, Russia.

Especially the act of squeezing the actress’ butt at a luxury restaurant has been recorded by many people. Some netizens speculated that this was an act of unmasking Shark Binh’s affair by his wife.

Đỗ Phương Oanh Do Phuong Oanh is dating a rich man Shark Binh

Who is Shark Binh’s wife? “We are not divorced yet”

Đỗ Phương Oanh Do Phuong Oanh is dating a rich man Shark Binh
Shark Bình (L) and his wife – Dao Lan Huong (R)

The wife of tycoon Shark Binh named Dao Lan Huong (Đào Lan Hương), who co-founded the company with her husband, Dao Lan Huong is a talented and powerful businesswoman.

The beauty of the wife of Shark Binh is not inferior to the actress Do Phuong Oanh – who is rumored to be having an affair with her husband.

While Shark Binh and Do Phuong Oanh said that Shark Binh had been divorced for 2-3 years, on the contrary, Dao Lan Huong confirmed that they had never divorced. Shark Binh’s wife posted an affirmative status with a picture of 2 children and recalled the couple’s old memories on Facebook.

Đỗ Phương Oanh Do Phuong Oanh is dating a rich man Shark Binh

Netizens’ harsh and mocking comments

Do Phuong Oanh and the tycoon Shark Binh are at the center of Vietnamese social networks now, netizens have left many harsh comments about Do Phuong Oanh’s destruction of the happiness of other people’s families:

“Congratulations on overcoming your fear of the rich. It’s energetic.”

“Sharks (aka Shark Binh) are known as the “trash bin of the sea” because they eat everything they can see and chew. From tires, wallets, water cans and even Doll.”

“Shark has a wife but acts very intimately.”

Shark Binh is divorced?

The media representative of NEXTTECH GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY – Shark Binh’s company said: “Shark Binh has been divorced for 2, 3 years now, so his relationship with the actress is normal and nothing wrong”.

A few hours ago, Shark Binh confirmed dating actress Phuong Oanh for a few months. However, Dao Lan Huong – shark Binh’s wife confirmed that they had never divorced

The property of actress Đỗ Phương Oanh, who used to have plastic surgery

Do Phuong Oanh (nickname “Quynh doll”) owns a luxury Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG. Phuong Oanh often drives herself to events and to the film set. The price of the car in Vietnam is about 3 billion VND (~128,112 USD).

With a height of 170cm, often dressed sexy and beautiful face, the actress is currently unmarried despite being 33 years old. She shared that she had plastic surgery on her chin and nose before.

She is also an entrepreneur and self-employed, buying villas and luxury apartments with an area of ​​​​over 100 square meters in Hanoi. European luxury interior design.

Regarding love, Phuong Oanh once publicly announced her rich businessman boyfriend in early 2020, but they broke up. Phuong Oanh admits she is unlucky in love.

Đỗ Phương Oanh Do Phuong Oanh is dating a rich man Shark Binh
Is Do Phuong Oanh’s fortune because she dated rich people?

Actress Do Phuong Oanh’s statement about her scandal

Responding to the press, the actress confirmed that she is dating Shark Binh and confirmed that she is not dating a married person and Shark Binh did not have an affair.

Phuong Oanh said she met Shark Binh at a meeting with friends. When they first met, Oanh didn’t know Shark Binh was a famous businessman and he didn’t know she was an actress. During the time they got to know each other, she was attracted to his intelligence, understanding, and humour. She knew he was single before falling in love with her.

With the status of Shark Binh’s wife, Vietnamese social networks are still discussing fiercely.

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