China’s non-melting ice cream becomes the focus of netizens

This Chinese non-melting ice cream does not melt even at high heat or burned. An expensive Chinese ice cream brand is at the center of controversy online, after it revealed the secret of the ice cream.

non-melting ice cream becomes the focus of netizens

Specifically, its non-melting ice cream do not melt even when burned. Immediately, Chinese netizens questioned the ingredients in that special ice cream.

The video of using a lighter to light a non-melting ice cream cone was posted earlier this week and has 500 million views on Weibo. A person tests Zhong Xue Gao (a.k.a Chicecream) ice cream by burning it with a lighter.

Smoke appeared after the flame touched the ice cream, and the cameraman said he could smell the burning smell of burnt food. Ice cream is in a sticky state, not melting into a liquid like normal ice cream.

This video confirms that Zhong Xue Gao’s sea salt coconut ice cream did not melt at 31 degrees Celsius (87 ℉) for more than 50 minutes.

non-melting ice cream becomes the focus of netizens

Hermes of ice cream

Dubbed the “Hermes of ice cream”, Zhong Xue Gao (a.k.a Chicecream) is a Shanghai-based ice cream maker that is extremely popular throughout mainland China. Despite the high price of about 20 yuan ($3) an ice cream cone, several times the price of other ice cream cones.

Zhong Xue Gao also has a number of other premium ice creams for 70 yuan ($10.5) or higher.

The Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Department said they knew about the video and was investigating: “Test results from professional organizations will be more accurate,” the department said. “With our naked eyes, the ice cream does not melt. But the conclusion would be more accurate based on scientific data.”

non-melting ice cream – The secret is revealed

Zhong Xue Gao stated that all of their products meet the quality standards set by the Chinese national agency.

“The main ingredients of sea salt coconut ice cream are milk, low-fat cream, copra, condensed milk and powdered milk. 40% of this ice cream is solid ingredients,” Zhong Xue Gao company announced on Weibo.

They said they added 0.032 grams of carrageenan, a seaweed extract, to the ice cream products weighing 78 grams each.

non-melting ice cream becomes the focus of netizens
Carrageenan or caragenan extracted from Kappaphycus alvarezii, the elkhorn sea moss, (is a species of red algae) is the secret of the special ice cream.

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