China ‘purges’ live streams and short video platforms

On April 15, China started a special two-month campaign to purge live streams and short video platforms. The plan covers all applications, platforms, companies, individuals, KOLs, and artists that are working on production in the online entertainment industry.

live streams and short video

According to the Cyberspace Administration of China, in the beginning, the focus of the campaign will be on reviewing and banning pornographic, shocking, objectionable content, fake news, going against traditional culture, profanity, betting, and gambling. This is a part of a plan to promote legal and appropriate content on the Internet in China, as well as protect mainland Chinese youth from dirty media.

The Chinese government’s move is a response to parents’ growing concerns about the safety of their children on social media and the Internet. As well as political opposition from the Western media.

In 2021, China also launched a “special campaign”, deleting more than 1 billion online accounts and thousands of suspected “dark web” websites, to clean up cyberspace, aiming to build values of society.

live streams and short video
In 2021, China removed more than 1 billion online accounts and thousands of dirty websites.

This special two-month campaign will target multi-channel networks (MCNs), short video, and live streaming platforms, according to a statement by the Cyberspace Administration of China. Accounts that post illegal, pornographic, and objectionable content will be punished.

The Chinese government will also investigate content creators who do not declare income to evade taxes, as well as live streaming platforms and short videos related to non-transparent income.

Multi-channel network companies are behind the bad content that is going viral on social media. These companies often manage many celebrities, influencers, and KOLs on the network. They are also involved in tax evasion.

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