Chelsea lost, Tuchel blamed the pitch, Azpilicueta shuts down fans

Losing at home to Arsenal made Chelsea disappointed. Coach Tuchel dejectedly blamed the pitch and captain Azpilicueta cursed The Blues fans.


Before the match, Arsenal had lost 3 matches in a row. However, Chelsea still surprisingly lost with a score of 2-4. The performance of the defense was the main reason why the Blues received a painful loss in the London Derby.

Speaking after the match, coach Tuchel said: “Chelsea scored 5 goals but had 3 own goals. As a result, we lost 2-4 against Arsenal. However, we had the upper hand, but my students made serious mistakes, that caused us to lose this game”.

“It is difficult to accept this defeat. In the last 3 matches, the team played according to the standards. If you can’t meet those standards, you can lose to any opponent. We cannot be satisfied with what has happened. Chelsea has lost the last 3 matches at home. It’s unbelievable”.

“We need to find a solution soon. It depends on ourselves. Individual mistakes happen continuously that the whole team cannot fix. I hate losing. In particular, losing 3 matches continuity at home is unacceptable. I don’t like to praise or criticize players after a game, especially after having a bad result like this!”.

“It was a very difficult game for us because of Rudiger’s sudden injury. Yes, he has groin pain and couldn’t play today. That’s why I gave chance to Christensen. But he didn’t play well, not only him but our defense also lost focus today and made mistakes like in the match against Real Madrid“.

Besides, Tuchel also talked about the problem of the surface of Stamford Bridge:

“The pitch is very difficult to play. That sounds like an excuse, but it is very difficult to play on a field like this because it is not beneficial for the player. The ball bounced very awkwardly in front of Andreas (Christensen), but we made the same mistake against Real Madrid. That got us out early in the Champions League and then Arsenal.”

In addition to the problem of the pitch, the audience on Stamford Bridge is also few. The ticket sales ban that the British government announced in early March has caused a significant decline in audience numbers. In the last match, Stamford Bridge only welcomed nearly 10,000 spectators.

Chelsea also did not please the fans.

A group of fans booed criticizing the players’ performance. This made captain Cesar Azpilicueta feel dissatisfied. He immediately ran to argue with the fans. Fortunately, the fans stopped after that.


The fans also have reason to criticize the Chelsea players’ performances, especially in defense. 3/4 of the goals of Arsenal came from the mistakes of the defenders. In particular, Azpilicueta made a mistake in the last goal when Chelsea received a penalty and let Bukayo Saka score the fourth goal for Arsenal.

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