Camila Cabello was upset because no one hear her, fans accused her of obstructing the match

Camila Cabello performed in the Champions League final but no one heard her, football fans said she obstructed the match.

Camila Cabello was upset

On May 28, in the final match between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Paris, Camila Cabello performed before the match but did not receive cheers from the audience. She complained on Twitter, expressing her frustration.

Camila Cabello sang her hits like Senôrita, Bam Bam, Don’t Go Yet with beautiful choreography.

Meanwhile, football fans sang the song of their favorite team over Camila’s voice, they sang so loudly that the video was also recorded.

“Playing back our performance and I can’t believe people were singing their teams anthem so loud during our performance. Like my team and I worked tirelessly for so long to bring right vibes and give a good show.” – Camila wrote on Twitter.

Camila Cabello was upset

However, many football fans accused Camila of causing the stadium to be congested, making the final take place more than 30 minutes late.

“We pay to watch the football game, not the Camilla Cabello concert.” – a football fan responded to Camila’s post on Twitter.

Camila Cabello deleted her post, replaced it with another one.

“I grew up watching soccer with my family and the energy in there was SO ELECTRIC I had so much fun watching afterwards too. Thank you so much to my team and the dancers and musicians and creatives that worked so hard on this show !!!”.

Camila Cabello was upset

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