Breaking up with Shakira because of an affair, Barcelona hopes Pique will retire

Barcelona hopes Pique will retire next summer to save salary, especially after he parted ways with singer Shakira.

Barcelona hopes Pique will retire

Will Gerard Pique retire in 2023?

Radio RAC1 claim Barcelona is keen on Pique’s retirement in 2023 to save the club €80m (£70m) in wages over the next two seasons.

Gerard Pique has a contract with the Blaugrana until 2024 and he is one of the club’s highest-paid players.

But the 35-year-old has postponed his salary several times over the past three years to help his team. When Barcelona was experiencing financial difficulties due to Covid-19, Pique helped the club to bring new signings.

But after Pique and Shakira’s 11-year relationship ended, Barcelona feared Pique would not have the spirit to play. Therefore, they hope that he retires soon, helping him to finish his career in glory while saving wages for the team.

Barcelona hopes Pique will retire
Pique and Shakira began dating a year after Spain won the World Cup 2010.

The real reason that Shakira and Pique broke up?

Shakira did not specifically mention the reason for the split, she asked for privacy for the children.

Shakira said: “We regret to confirm that we have separated. For the sake of our children, who are the highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy.”

The two met in 2010 while filming the music video for the World Cup song “Waka Waka”. Pique and Shakira began dating a year later, shortly after Spain won the World Cup.

The 45-year-old singer was also present in the 2010 World Cup final when she performed in South Africa. They have two sons Milan Piqué Mebarak (9 years old) and Sasha Piqué Mebarak (7 years old) but they have never been married.

Barcelona hopes Pique will retire
They have two sons

Pique has an affair

Recently, Shakira discovered that Pique had an affair and the Colombian singer could not forgive. Pique had to leave the couple’s house to return to his old home. Since then, Pique has lived a liberal life and always attends parties all night. This worries Barcelona.

Pique’s relationship with Gavi’s mother or sister?

According to the Spanish press, the woman who had an affair with Pique is likely the mother or sister of Pablo Gavi – a teammate of Pique.​

Gavi grew up in the youth academy of Barcelona, ​​he was born in 2004, and Pique was born in 1987.

This information was given by journalist Melih Esat: “Shakira caught Gerard Pique having an affair with another woman. That woman is the mother of young Barcelona star Pablo Gavi. Gavi doesn’t know about that.”

Barcelona hopes Pique will retire
Gavi’s mother or sister?

Journalists rushed to investigate

After the rumors spread, the paparazzi in Spain began to search for Gavi’s mother. This woman is believed to be around 40 years old and lives a private life.

But the daily El Periodico recently denied the information and said that the woman who had an affair with Pique was about 20 years old and had blonde hair, while Gavi’s mother had brown hair.

El Periodico said that the girl was a student and worked part-time for an event company, so she met Pique.

Another source said it could be… Gavi’s older sister – Aurora Paez Gavira, not his biological mother.

Netizens think journalists are lying

However, many people believe that these are fabricated information because Melih Esat is a reporter in Turkey, how does he know the story of Pique and Gavi’s mother.

Netizens ruled out Gavi’s mother, but Gavi’s older sister may have been the one who had an affair with Pique.

Barcelona hopes Pique will retire

Pique lives a libertine and unmotivated life

According to Mirror, Pique is immersed in nightclubs with young star Riqui Puig and often returns home between 2 and 3 am.

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