BBC apologizes for “Manchester United are rubbish” on live TV

The UK’s BBC has apologized for the words “Manchester United are rubbish”.

Manchester United are rubbish

On May 24, in the news about Tennis tournament in France (The French Open also known as Roland-Garros) on BBC broadcast, the words “Manchester United are rubbish” suddenly appeared.

A host later apologized for offending Manchester United fans and called it a technical error.

The reason was that a technician behind the scenes was practicing using a typewriter and was letting the machine “type random, unintentional words”.

Manchester United are rubbish

Specifically, the apology is as follows:

“Earlier, some of you may have noticed the unusual text in the text bar about Manchester United, and I hope the club’s fans are not offended.”

“Let me explain what happened, behind the scenes someone was practicing using a typewriter so that person was just trying to type random words, not intentionally, and the words appeared. Very coincidentally and Probability”.

“So we apologize if you see that text and feel offended, especially if you are a Manchester United fan.”

The BBC also told PA News: “There was a minor technical error during our wordplay rehearsal, causing the text to appear on the live news. We apologize if we offended anyone.”

Some netizens joked that during the BBC’s 100 years of operation, “Manchester United are rubbish” was the most accurate information they had ever read.

Manchester United are rubbish
It looks like the text line is being randomly typed.

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