Audiences are bored with Oscars

Audiences are bored with Oscars. The data provided by AP shows that the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony (in 2021) only had 9.85 million viewers, a decrease of nearly 50% compared to the previous one.

Audiences are bored with Oscars

The 94th Academy Awards ceremony will officially take place on the evening of March 27 (US time). Although the organizers are busy preparing for the announcement of the winners, they are also anxiously waiting to see if this year’s season will win the hearts of critics and audiences.

According to Variety, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is looking to salvage its credibility in the public eye after years of disastrously low ratings.

Attraction decreases year by year

The data provided by AP shows that the rating of the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony (in 2021) was only 9.85 million viewers, down nearly half compared to 2020.

More specifically, Nielsen estimated that the number of direct followers at the time of the announcement of the Best Feature Film category was 58% lower than the previous season’s 23.6 million, sadly setting an Oscar “record”. least viewers.

Since 2015, Oscar ratings have been in free fall. That year, with 37.3 million viewers, was considered a sharp drop, let alone the current dire figures. In its heyday, the biggest movie awards ceremony on the planet was at 35-45 million views.

Audiences are bored with Oscars
Brad Pitt is the one to present the Best Supporting Actress award to Youn Yuh Jung at the Oscars 2021. Photo: Getty.

The US news agency confirmed that the audience had lost interest in the award ceremonies. Having suffered the same fate as the Oscars, the Golden Globes had only 6.9 million viewers and the Grammys only attracted 9.2 million spectators.

There are 32.4 million results when searching for the keyword “Rating Oscar reduced” on the Google toolbar. Many of these articles used the words “record low” and “all-time low” to describe Oscar’s decline.

In the Covid-19 era, many movie theaters closed, and viewers were less interested in movie products – AP said. Not to mention, many strange works appeared in the awards ceremony, making the audience wonder and bored.

Analyst Marc Berman said: “I had a hard time watching the whole show. It was torturing. Audiences had to witness lengthy acceptance speeches from films they had never seen or heard of. “.

Kelly Lawler – USA Today’s film writer – feels that “Oscar is like a long, boring TV show”. Agreeing, New York Times critic Mike Hale added: “The change – whether it’s because of the crowds at home due to social distancing, plus the poor sound quality in this space – is that things that make viewers feel like they’re in a dead room, both in sound and emotion.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, organizers increasingly want the Oscars to be more like a movie. That makes the audience feel that the awards ceremony is not direct and thrilling.

Oscar is the Academy’s money-making machine, as Disney (the owner of ABC station) spends $900 million on broadcasting rights to the awards ceremony until 2028. However, with a sharp drop in ratings, the move of “House” Rat” is considered by experts to be extremely risky.

What is the cause?

Besides the stage of organizing going into the rut, refusing to listen to public opinion, Oscar was difficult to conquer viewers because of many scandals.

The #OscarsSoWhite movement erupted in January 2016 after black director Spike Lee’s motivational statement: “Two years in a row, no African-American has been nominated for an Oscar.” In the current of condemning racism, Will Smith stood up to call for a boycott of the award, while many other black actors were angry, criticizing the Academy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the list of 20 names nominated for acting categories that year belonged to white actors. The audience easily realized that the same thing had been repeated many previous seasons.

Audiences are bored with Oscars
Unbeknownst to Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, after the recitation of their names, the 2017 Oscars were a disaster season. Photo: The Guardian.

Will Smith expressed frustration: “I think America becomes beautiful because of the contributions of people of many races. Hollywood is the place that best represents this contribution, but Oscar does not allow it. See that”.

The idea that taking off the crown on the head of the Colombian representative and wearing it back to the Filipino beauty in Miss Universe 2015 was the incident of giving the wrong award that caused the most noise of the decade, but in 2017, Oscar made an equally serious mistake.

In the category of Best Feature Film, instead of naming the winning film like Moonlight, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty grabbed the wrong envelope and called La La Land. The moment of the “missing coronation” of the work starring Emma Stone caused overwhelming disappointment to the audience.

Director and screenwriter Barry Jenkins – author of the 89th Best Feature Film Golden Statue – gasped in shock. He supposed that even in his dreams, he couldn’t think of this.

The Oscars are like many other awards in that guests always see the red carpet as a place to show off their individuality and beauty. Taking advantage of this, the beauties competed in revealing, revealing, offensive clothes to attract attention.

In 2018, the less-known girl Bleona Qereti was criticized for her see-through and revealing outfits. Many people even demanded a boycott of the organizers for letting her appear. Qereti is just one of the few cases where the value of the awards ceremony has been undermined.

The Washington Post also said that the event that the organizers cut four categories to make room for advertising in the 2019 season, made the wave of Oscar boycotts stronger and stronger.

Change before it’s too late

Sasha Stone – editor and founder of film review site Awards Daily – thinks that the reason the Oscars were turned away is that the organizers are awarding awards based on critics, not audiences.

Therefore, this year the new award has an online voting section for the audience to find their favorite movie of the year. This announcement was made by the Academy on February 14.

Accordingly, fans can nominate their favorite works and excerpts via Twitter until March 3. The results will be announced by the organizers at the official ceremony on March 27 at the Dolby Theater, Hollywood (USA).

“Through this activity, social media users around the world will interact more with the awards. They can also join the community of similar interests and enjoy the awards ceremony in a completely new way,” said the representative of the Institute. Academy, Mrs. Meryl Johnson, speaking.

Audiences are bored with Oscars
One of the Oscar 2022 golden statues will be awarded to the owner of the most favorite movie category voted by the audience. Photo: Elnuevodia.

The above decision partially removed the image of Oscar. In 2018, the organizers proposed adding a Favorite Movie category to target commercial works. However, Academy members and critics have objected.

According to experts, the Academy sought to save its credibility in the public eye with the decision to rename the “Foreign Language Film” category to “International Film” from April 2019.

The above change helps pave the way for a series of non-Hollywood content and non-English-language titles to conquer the Oscars.

Variety commented on this: “Globalization has had such a strong impact on the Oscars that it has forced them to change, opening up opportunities for all foreign films. Over the past few years, the number of members living outside of the US active in the film industry. The Academy also increased.”

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