Astronauts test sex in space – a NASA research

NASA says it is considering studying sex in space, as it is ‘crucial’ for future long-haul missions to the Moon and Mars, that could see astronauts away from Earth for years.

Astronauts test sex in space - a NASA research

This was said in response to a study proposal by a team of five Canadian academics, who called on space organizations to embrace the new discipline of space sex study.

“Understanding sex, and how it will work in a low gravity environment, is essential to the success of deep space missions, and building off-world settlements”, the academics from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada explained.

Astronauts test sex in space - a NASA research
NASA Headquarters in 300 Hidden Figures Way SW, Washington D.C., the US

NASA has long avoided the question of sex between astronauts, having previously categorically insisted that “no humans have ever had sex in space”.

However, NASA has recently admitted it may be time to consider finding a way to explore the subject, beyond tests using animal subjects.

The NASA spokesperson said “we are primarily concerned with ensuring crew members’ health and safety in space for long periods”.

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