Amber Heard announced that she will appeal

After losing the defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and her legal team announced they would appeal.

Amber Heard announced that she will appeal

With a final settlement of $8.35 million, while her total assets are only $8 million, Amber Heard is certain to be empty-handed.

According to experts, Amber Heard must have a bond if she wants to appeal. In addition, she must prove that there was an error during the trial.

According to a financial statement shortly after the court’s ruling, Heard has about 2-3 million USD in cash in her account. It will be very difficult for Heard to turn the tide.

Amber Heard announced that she will appeal
Depp’s lawyer heard Heard’s testimony

How will Amber Heard deal with her compensation?

In response to the above question, a lawyer said: “Amber’s total net worth is $8 million, if she can’t pay $8.35 million. The court can take Amber Heard’s salary until she completes the debt”.

Amber Heard could also file for bankruptcy with the potential to be wiped out, but could still have to pay $350,000 in punitive damages.

In fact, Depp could completely help Amber out of bankruptcy if he decides to cancel all compensation.

However, when asked about this, Depp just laughed gleefully.

Amber Heard announced that she will appeal

Amber Heard must pay $8.35 million

The court ruled that Amber Heard must pay $10 million in damages and $5 million in punitive damages. Total is 15 million dollars.

However, after finding that Amber Heard’s total net worth was only $8 million, the court reduced the maximum penalty for punitive damages to $350,000.

That means Heard has to pay a total of 10.35 million dollars.

But, the court found that Amber Heard was also partially affected by the lawsuit, so the court deducted an additional $2 million in compensation for Depp.

Thus, in the end, Heard had to pay $8.35 million to Depp.

Although the court did its best to help Amber Heard, in reality, her net worth is only $8 million, meaning Heard had to borrow $350,000 to pay her ex-husband.

Johnny Depp won the lawsuit
Depp celebrates with his female lawyer – Camille Vasquez

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