All information about the latest Chapter 1046 of One Piece

Below is the information we have collected about the latest chapter of the One Piece series.

All information about the latest Chapter 1046 of One Piece

The name of chapter 1046 will be Raizo. There is no information about the cover photo.

All information about the latest Chapter 1046 of One Piece

The first part of the chapter (consisting of 5 pages) will follow the battle between Luffy and Kaido.

The next section (9 pages) is a description of what is happening in the castle. Mostly the scenes happen between Raizo, Jinbe, Zoro, Sanji, and Franky.

The castle is currently burning in flames, but fortunately, Raizo has a plan to put out this fire.

We’ve seen before when the Nine Red Scabbards fought Kaido. Raizo was able to use sealing scrolls to seal Kaido’s Bolo Breath skill, then release them to attack him back.

Raizo revealed that he had previously used that ability to seal a large volume of water that Zunesha used to bathe in. The reason Raizo did this, is because he still remembered Oden’s castle burned 20 years ago. Therefore, Raizo prepared this amount of water in his body. If the same situation is encountered in the future, he will have water to put out the fire immediately.

After opening the seal, water flowed out from Raizo’s scroll and flooded the castle. Jinbe used his power to control the flow of water and put out all the burning flames.

Sanji and Zoro appear on the same page (but not in the same scene). Sanji seemed to be saying something while Franky was carrying Zoro in silence.

There is a scene where Yamato and Momo are having a conversation about something related to the clouds lifting the island.

At the end of the chapter, Luffy holds a spear made of lightning and prepares to use it to attack Kaido. Luffy now looks like a thunder god. Meanwhile, Kaido smiled and said, “Come here!”. Luffy’s skill still has no name.

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