Alice In Borderland Season 2: Details that have been changed from the original manga

Although the film crew always tries to respect the original, the live-action version still has many changes, to highlight the intentions and personalities of the filmmakers. Let’s review the details that Alice In Borderland season 2 has changed compared to the original.

Alice In Borderland Season 2: Details that have been changed from the original manga
An Airship catches fire after its owner – Jack of hearts is defeated.

Alice In Borderland (Imawa no Kuni no Alice) or “The Land of No Escape” (Vietnamese title) is a manga created by Haro Aso. In 2020, the manga was invested by Netflix to implement a live-action project. After the broadcast of season 1, that TV series received extremely positive reviews from experts and the public.

Alice In Borderland season 2 is currently still receiving support from the audience. There are many positive reviews. However, there are also many fans who think that the second Part does not do as well as the original manga, because it has changed too many details. So, what are those changes? Let’s find out with us.

The mechanics of Jack of hearts’ game

Alice in borderland part 2
Banda – a real-world killer – is suspected by many fans to be Jack of hearts.

Jack of hearts’ game is the most “criticized” game by the audience. In the manga, the game of Jack of hearts is shown in a very “cruel” and crazy. Due to the absence of Chishiya, the two supporting characters Banda, Yaba and other players all show their personalities more clearly. The plot in the manga is more violent. For example, Yaba takes advantage of the law to lock players in a cell. Jack of hearts uses words and psychological techniques to manipulate his target.

Jack of hearts even cheats for a living, but in Alice In Borderland Season 2, all those details are omitted.

Because of being the main role of the game, Sunato Banda and Ōki Yaba have more acting space. The game is also implemented in a much smarter, crazier way. In the end, they decided to stay to become the new administrators as “citizens”.

The game of Queen of Spades

Alice in borderland season 2
The Queen of Spades – Risa

This is a game that is not in the manga but is completely supplemented by the film crew. This game is used as a tool for Yuzuha Usagi to speak her mind, while revealing a little truth about the previous life of some players. According to our assessment, this is a bad game, but in terms of roles, it is quite necessary. If the filmmakers come up with a better game, no one will have an opinion.

After the game of Queen of Spades, we have a few “emotional” scenes of Arisu and Usagi at the heated swimming pool (this is where Heiya first entered the game). Their sighting of elephants is a metaphor for “life”.

Ann and Kuina couple

Alice in borderland live-action is different from manga
Rizuna An or Ann is played by the beautiful actress Ayaka Miyoshi

In the original manga, many card games are not mentioned. But in the live-action version, we get to see a few scenes from those games – including one where Ann and Kuina were playing a “ball game”. This combination is quite interesting because Ann in the original was just a supporting character. In the film, she has a clearer role and is a character that helps provide viewers with quite a bit of information (about the borderland).

The details at the end of the film show that Kuina has a strong connection with Ann – perhaps from the beginning, the film crew intended to create the emotional connection of these two characters?

Game of King of Spades

Alice in borderland

King of Spades is probably the most “terrifying” game in Alice In Borderland season 2. The player’s task is quite simple: just kill the King. However, because King of Spades is an extremely skilled soldier, almost no one can defeat him alone.

In the original plot, Aguni, Heiya and another players together defeated King of Spades. In the live-action version, we have up to 4 beauties, Aguni and Arisu can handle this “king”. This is a pretty smart change because it creates an extremely bloody violent war – the complete opposite of the Queen of hearts Mechanical game.

The Mechanics of Queen of hearts’ game

Alice in borderland season 2
Riisa Naka (as Mira) – The Queen of hearts

Although very closely following the original, the game Queen of Hearts also has a few changes to focus on the character’s emotional circuit. In the original, the Queen of Hearts gave Arisu a drug that suppressed his survival instincts – so he couldn’t revive himself. When Usagi cuts her own hand to commit suicide, a protective instinct stemming from her love for Usagi rises, causing Arisu to win.

Joker’s appearance

Alice in borderland joker
Joker card – the only card left on the table.

In the original manga, the Joker actually appeared in front of Arisu the moment he completed all the games. The Joker is like a ferryman who carries dead souls to hell – like the ferryman Charon on the River Styx in Greek mythology.

However, perhaps because this detail is not really important, the filmmakers cut it. Instead, at the end of the movie, we see the Joker card remaining on the table while all the other cards are gone by the wind. This detail is quite good because before, Queen of hearts said “life is a game”. Arisu has returned to the real world and now, he will join with other living people in Joker’s game – the real life game.

In addition to Joker, many other details and characters have also been removed from Alice In Borderland season 2 due to time limitations. In this article, VietHotNews only mentions the most outstanding details that have been changed, and other interesting details, we will “look” together in another post.

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