AI-powered cyberattacks could kill people in the next 5 years

According to the study, AI-deployed attacks will improve in impersonation, a tactic commonly used in phishing within the next five years.

According to Helsinki-based cybersecurity and security company WithSecure, the Finnish Transport and Communications Authority and the Finnish National Emergency Supply Agency said the cyberattacks were triggered by artificial intelligence. Creation (AI) is limited at the moment, will become more aggressive in the coming years.

Intelligence researcher Andy Patel WithSecure said that while AI-generated content has been used for hacking purposes, AI techniques designed to direct campaigns, take steps Attack or logic control malware has not yet been found.

AI-powered cyberattacks could kill people in the next 5 years

Such “technologies” would be developed first by well-resourced, skilled opponents, such as nation-state-backed groups.

Researchers can say with certainty that AI-based hacks are now extremely rare and are mainly used for social engineering purposes. However, they are also used in a way that cannot be directly observed by analysts and researchers.

The vast majority of current AI fields do not have access to human intelligence and cannot plan or execute cyberattacks on their own. However, the hackers who will take advantage and create AI in the next 5 years can identify vulnerabilities themselves, plan and execute attack campaigns, use stealth to evade defenses, and collect information. or exploit data from infected systems or open intelligence sources.

“AI-powered attacks can happen faster, target more victims, and find more attack directions than conventional attacks due to the nature of intelligent automation and the fact that they replace conventional manual tasks.”

Many technology experts consider deepfakes to be the biggest concern in terms of cybersecurity. They will also focus on coming up with strong solutions on this technology because with the speed of development of deepfakes, security systems that are mainly based on technology such as smartphones are more at risk.

AI-powered cyberattacks could kill people in the next 5 years

There have been 1,291 data breaches as of September 2021, according to data breach research by an identity theft non-profit (ITRC).

Compared to data breaches in 2020, which totaled 1,108, this represents a 17% increase. According to ITRC research, 281 million data breach victims were discovered in the first nine months of 2021.

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