10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

Northern Vietnam’s Thai Nguyen province has many mountains, forests and attractions. All these beautiful color variations occur naturally so the land of tea never fail to bring pleasant surprise to tourists.

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

Let’s dive in some of Thai Nguyen’s attractions for your next trip, discovering new places and enjoying the many colors the land of green tea offers.

1. Thai Nguyen Tea hills

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

If you are a young person who loves to travel, explore and is a believer in beautiful photos. This is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a lovely background for their photoshoot.

In addition to being known as a peaceful land with many beautiful natural scenes, Thai Nguyen is also known for the image of green tea hills.

Everywhere is filled with the fresh green of grass and tea hills, so when you come here, your soul will feel more refreshed. It seems that all the difficulties and chaos of daily life also gradually disappear. It is because of this feeling that more and more people want to come here to experience. Along with the immense green tea hills, it is the perfect leisure spot to walk around with friends and enjoy the fresh air.

Besides, the beauty of labor is showed through the locals hand-picking tea leaves. It is without a doubt the most colorful embellishment one can ask for.

2. Nui Coc Lake

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

Nui Coc Lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Thai Nguyen is a natural landscape associated with the legendary love story of Coc and Cong.

Nui Coc Lake is one of the tourist destinations that make a brand for Thai Nguyen tourism. But not everyone knows that in addition to being famous for the superiority of nature, Nui Coc Lake is also a fun paradise for young people who love adventure such as roller coasters, flying saucers, rockets, etc. …

It can be said that coming to Nui Coc Lake is to come with a non-stop travel day from entertainment to relaxing sightseeing. You can start the trip by visiting Legend of Cung, sitting on the boat listening to the love story of Cong and Coc. Then enjoy the smooth green natural scenery along the way, decorated with many flower gardens and many years old trees.

Fairy parks, water parks, zoos are the next great choice. In addition, the water music stage is a stop not to be missed. Moreover, tourists can take a boat to visit the surrounding islands which are still very unspoiled. Coming to Nui Coc lake is coming to a “charming water” landscape; to the fresh, cool air; to cruise on the lake, and immerse yourself in the faithful love story that has become a legend of the mountainous region.

Nui Coc Lake is divided into two parts: the northern bank and the southern bank. The northern bank is a complete and modern entertainment place.

Contrary to it, the southern bank is a place that still has its primitive features and is also a favorite place for Thai Nguyen students to choose as a gathering place for friends to rest and relax on weekends.

3. Mua Roi Waterfall (Falling Rainfall)

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

The waterfall is also known as Nam Rut waterfall, with water flowing from limestone mountains to the Thuong Nung river, is affectionately called “Rainfall” by the Tay ethnic group.

The reason for this name is because, on dry days, there is only a small waterfall flowing into Than Sa River like raindrops falling from the top of the waterfall. In the summer, the waterfall appears like “Princess in the forest” appearing for a couple of days and then hiding in the cliff.

The waterfall has a magical shape by the interweaving of many large waterfalls, small waterfalls gushing from the interstitial rocks, spraying water on flowers and leaves full of incredible charm.

In the rainy season, the waterfall sprays white water like a beautiful scene that you can only see in movies or paintings. The falling waterfall creates a white patch like falling rain, bringing both wild beauty and charm. It also looks mysterious and fairytale-like. With the echoes echoing from the cliffs, and the fresh air, this place is an exciting tourist destination that attracts many young people.

4. Ghenh Che Lake

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

Ghenh Che lake is located in the heart of the green forests, forming a photogenic view of nature.

Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the green nature, enjoy the chirping sound, see the vast Ghenh Che lake, the sacred sounds of birds, take a boat trip around the lake to watch the sky, the clouds and the mountains.

Many couples choose Ghenh Che Lake as their favorite Thai Nguyen attraction where they can enjoy traveling together and find peaceful moments in their busy life.

5. Khuon Tat Waterfall

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

Khuon Tat Waterfall is surrounded by huge rows of ancient trees, also known as Seven Floor Waterfall.

The reason for this name is because the waterfall has up to 7 floors, day and night flowing white foam to clear the whole area, forming a clear stream below.

The waterfall height at the lowest level is 12m, so visitors can have fun and swim at this Khuon Tat Thai Nguyen waterfall. Because the bottom waterfall will pour water into a large pool with a depth of up to 2m, make sure that when swimming here, the water is very clear and cool.

It is particularly crowded in summer when tourists come to enjoy the fresh air and cool water.

6. Vai Mieu Lake

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

The lake is like a painting of a beautiful natural landscape with calming water, and the talented painter is Mother of Nature. This destination gives tourists the feeling of being lost in a fairyland.

Taking a sightseeing boat and go around the lake, and you will admire the majestic and unspoiled mountain landscape. It has a jaw-dropping view that goes along with exciting ancient legends told by the local boat guides.

7. Dat Dang

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

Want to go to Dat Dang visitors have to walk through the bamboo groves close to the ground, there are sections where visitors have to climb through the trails across the mountainside, but the result is a vast green landscape appearing before their eyes,

The young green grass grows naturally, this place is like a resting place for visitors after a tiring climb. Standing here, visitors can zoom their eyes out to see the wild but strangely beautiful nature. Vast blue. The point somewhere in the red and yellow color of forest banana flowers.

The red soil lychee flowers under their feet, it seems that those flowers emerge from the ground, visitors will have a feeling of relaxation. This place is often chosen by young people who love to explore and organize outdoor picnics. This cool stream and the hazy air makes you feel like you become one with nature.

8. Hang pagoda

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

This is a spiritual tourist destination of Thai Nguyen that is visited by many tourists.The scenic relic of Hang Pagoda has three large, independent rocky mountains on flat land…

The mountain in the middle is named “Huyen Vu” which is tall and steady, on both sides are two peaks “Thanh Long – Bach Ho” reaching out. majestic high, three tops connected by a saddle about 1000 m, charming scenery. The temple is located between three big mountains, right next to the Cau River, and the majestic nature makes this place even more majestic and mysterious, like a fairyland.

Every year, the pagoda holds the Hang Pagoda festival from the 19th to the 21st day of the first lunar month.

9. Ba Van Horse Farm

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

Ba Van Horse Farm is the largest horse research, development and breeding place in Vietnam. There are vast grasslands and horses running around here, and you can feed the horses, take pictures with the horses and learn about the characteristics of each different horse breed.

This is a fairly new tourist destination and popular among families as a weekend destination, like Mongolia.

10. Thai Hai Ethnic House on Stilt Conservation Area

10 Best Places to Visit in Thai Nguyen Province

This reserve is an interesting destination that you cannot miss when visiting Thai Nguyen. There are more than 100 people here, all of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups, also gather to do business and live.

They grow vegetables, cultivate rice, raise fish, graze cattle, produce bottled drinking water, grow and process green tea, and brew their own wine according to their own characteristics. All activities are associated with ecology, to ensure no impact on the environment and maintain a clean and nutritious food source for use.

Coming to Thai Hai Ethnic Houses Sanctuary, you will experience the lives of ethnic minorities, listen to stories and participate in entertainment activities of ethnic minorities.

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